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McKenna Crabtree


McKenna Crabtree, Medical Aesthetician and Electrologist CCE, CME received her licenses from Laser & Beauty Institute in Jupiter, Florida in 2017. McKenna has a passion for skincare and helping others feel and look their best in their own skin. She takes a holistic approach and marries it with medical-grade skin care from recommendations about health, diet, and products as well as various facials and procedures. She offers customized facials, medical-grade peels, JetPeel treatments, lash lift and tint, brow lamination, microneedling with PRP as well as facial and body laser services. McKenna takes pride in her work and always tailors her services to the client’s needs. She loves helping people glow from the inside out and she can’t wait to help you feel confident and beautiful in your skin!



McKenna brings her love of skincare to Basis Aesthetics, and passion for using the best serums and technology to achieve luminescent skin. McKenna specializes in the following treatments:

Spend a spa hour relaxing at the hands of our facial aesthetician. During this treatment, you will enjoy the foundational touchpoints of our signature facial experience, including a facial steam, targeted extractions, facial massage and a serum infusion.


An all in one, customized, rejuvenating facial experience incorporating lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and deeply penetrating dermal infusion. Using a jet stream of micro droplets, JetPeel technology infuses custom selected serums deep into the skin’s dermis, creating a needle-less micro-needling effect to stimulate collagen production and plump out fine lines and wrinkles – all while hydrating on a cellular level.


Upgrade to include hands & décolletage $55

Upgrade with a customized PRP facial infusion $300

The leader in medical-grade skincare, the iS Clinical Facial is an active and transformative experience. Enjoy all the benefits of our traditional facial but with the added power of the iS Clinical family of products, which are clinically proven to dramatically improve skin’s performance at the cellular level. Receive a post-treatment product protocol so that you can continue the healing benefits during a daily at-home treatment regimen, maintaining optimal skin health between appointments.


For the naturalist, we are proud to offer the Haoma facial experience. All ingredients are naturally, organically and sustainably sourced. The products used in this treatment are formulated to work in complete harmony with your skin, using nature’s apothecary to treat and heal skin at the foundational level. Finish your treatment with a recommended selection of products from Haoma to use between treatments for the ultimate organic skincare experience, everyday.

Our brightening treatment peel is an excellent facial treatment to uncover healthy, glowing skin. Using a special blend of vitamins and enzymes, the formula gently exfoliates the skin’s outer surface layers, removing dead cells while brightening the entire face. This superfood for the skin also smooths the surface of the face, improving texture, and helps reduce the appearance of age-related spots and sun damage. Leave with enhanced clarity and a noticeable overall luminance.


Deeply relaxing, restorative treatments from our expert masseuse will transport your body and mind into a state of deep introspection. Using techniques to relieve muscle tension and promote natural drainage through the lymphatic system, our aroma-infused treatments are be both nourishing and harmonizing – restoring ultimate body balance. 


Ask our Esthetician what Vi Peel is right for you. With custom blends we can target various skin conditions including acne, stubborn hyperpigmentation and melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as overall texture and tone of the skin. Pain free results in as little as 7 days. Includes custom take-home products to accentuate your results and protect your newly peeled skin! 


From SkinMedica

A gentle formula, this medical-grade facial peel is perfect for helping resurface the skin with little to no downtime. This peel helps reduce the signs of aging by smoothing the complexion, reducing the appearance of fine lines, brightening spots due to age or sun exposure and leaving you with an overall glow. Because this is a gentle formula, you should not experience any peeling or downtime. Because of this, the Illuminize Peel is a great option to clear the skin before a big event or for those who have mild skin issues.


From SkinMedica

For those who have moderate to severe skin imperfections, the Rejuvenize Peel can help noticeably restore the complexion and improve the overall tone and texture of the face. This is an excellent choice for someone who has age-related spots, wrinkles, or fine lines or who suffers from hyperpigmentation, acneic scarring or sun damage. Just one peel will deliver visible results, with dramatic results possible after a series of peels. This peel requires a few days of downtime so the skin may peel to reveal fresh, renewed skin layers.


The human body has the amazing power to heal itself from injury. Using this principle, Microneedling aims to create near microscopic punctures in the skins surface so that the bodies natural healing system can restore and renew the skins surface. These micro punctures create a collagen-building reaction that helps rebuild fresh tissue cells. This is also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy or Percutaneous Collagen Induction.

We use the SkinPen®, a calibrated machine that delivers perfectly even micro punctures to the epidermis while being delicately and meticulously guided along the skins surface. During the second phase of the treatment, skin is drenched in highly active serums that impart nutrients deep into the cellular level. These nutrient-dense serums use the newly created micro channels to reach deep below the skins surface to help radically restore healthy tissues. Microneedling is an excellent solution to help improve the texture of the skin, helping treat scars, pitting, uneven skintone and more.

$350 per session

This treatment utilizes the power of your own blood cells to initiate the healing process resulting in fresh, foundational growth deep within the skins layers. This treatment starts first with drawing vials of your own blood so it may be spun into  a super-powered serum of healthy growth cells. Your facialist then administers a microneedling treatment to open up healing channels, reaching deeply (but safely) into the epidermis. The serum helps support healthy tissue growth, ushering in new collagen formation and helping the skin both look and act younger. This facial is often used to help improve the look of age spots, wrinkles, scarring and more because of its unique ability to heal deep within the skin’s layers.

$600 per session

This brow treatment adds length and volume to your eyebrows by taming and shaping the hairs to lay in an upward brushed position. Tint is then applied to fill in any sparse areas and accentuates your natural brow shape. Threading/tweezing is included if needed to clean up any excess hairs leaving you with a full and perfectly shaped brow. Lasts 4-6 weeks and with each treatment you get better, desired results. 


Using Elleebana the leading product brand in lash lifts & tints.

A lash lift and tint is an enhancement of your natural lashes. It’s like a perm for your lashes – giving you a beautiful curl while leaving your eyes looking more open and bright. Lasts 4-6 weeks.


Let our expert aesthetician thread or tweeze your brows to perfection! Treatment is meant to clean up any excess hairs leaving you with a full and perfectly shaped.


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