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What you put onto your skin is as important as what you put into your body. Our certified aesthetic experts will guide you along a journey that restores the health and luminance of your skin, while prescribing a skincare routine that maintains a nourished, radiant complexion between appointments.

Elevate Your Skincare Standards


At Basis Aesthetics, the role that our facial aestheticians play is one of guidance and purification. Our facials are designed to harmonize the skin, treating imbalances while generating deep healing into the foundational layers of the flesh. We invite you to learn about all of our custom-curated facials below.

Spend a spa hour relaxing at the hands of our facial aesthetician. During this treatment, you will enjoy the foundational touchpoints of our signature facial experience, including a facial steam, targeted extractions, facial massage and a serum infusion.

An all in one, customized, rejuvenating facial experience incorporating lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and deeply penetrating dermal infusion. Using a jet stream of micro droplets, JetPeel technology infuses custom selected serums deep into the skin’s dermis, creating a needle-less micro-needling effect to stimulate collagen production and plump out fine lines and wrinkles – all while hydrating on a cellular level.


Upgrade to include hands & décolletage $55

Upgrade with a customized PRP facial infusion $300

The leader in medical-grade skincare, the iS Clinical Facial is an active and transformative experience. Enjoy all the benefits of our traditional facial but with the added power of the iS Clinical family of products, which are clinically proven to dramatically improve skin’s performance at the cellular level. Receive a post-treatment product protocol so that you can continue the healing benefits during a daily at-home treatment regimen, maintaining optimal skin health between appointments.

For the naturalist, we are proud to offer the Haoma facial experience. All ingredients are naturally, organically and sustainably sourced. The products used in this treatment are formulated to work in complete harmony with your skin, using nature’s apothecary to treat and heal skin at the foundational level. Finish your treatment with a recommended selection of products from Haoma to use between treatments for the ultimate organic skincare experience, everyday.

This ancient ritual utilizes the bodies own filtration system to naturally and consciously flush fluids and toxins from the face, reducing puffiness and inflammation. The process employs targeted facial massage techniques, which both treat and soothe the facial muscles while drawing fluids away from the eyes, cheeks, jaw and neck. Replenishing super serums follow the treatment to impart highly active and restorative ingredients to newly refreshed skin, drinking up their replenishing properties leaving you hydrated and nourished. 

A joy to both the skin and the senses, our aromatherapy facial begins with the power of deep inhalation and exhalation as your practitioner introduces you to a series of calming, invigorating and restorative essential oils. Your facial journey continues as different aroma oils are introduced throughout the facial experience, all with unique healing properties. This treatment is designed to leave the skin and soul in perfect harmony.

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What goes onto your skin is as important as what goes into your body. There is a symbiotic relationship between those two processes: both what we eat and how we maintain our skincare routine. This balance ultimately affects the entire health and performance of our skin: the bodies largest organ.

But your skin is so much more than just a superficial layer, rather it’s one of the most important elements of our overall health. In many ways, skin is the foundation of our health – protecting us from the elements and environmental toxins by acting as our bodies natural barrier, and filter. Regular facial treatments remove dead surface cells, clean out dirt and toxins and promote cellular turnover for more youthful, vibrant skin.

At Basis Aesthetics, the role that our facial aestheticians play is one of guidance and purification. Our facials are designed to harmonize the skin, treating imbalances while generating deep healing into the foundational layers of the flesh.

Products for Good

We’ve picked these brands because we believe in their ingredients, in their efficacy and in their message. We include them in our facial protocols because they work.

Each Basis Aesthetics facial is followed up by a customized, at-home skincare protocol: a “prescription” for a glowing complexion between appointments.

Jumpstart Your Wellness Journey

A YOUNGER, MORE RADIANT YOU IS AN APPOINTMENT AWAY. Discover your potential for absolute wellness.

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Basis Aesthetics is open 5 days a week, from 9am – 5pm, with extended hours until 7pm on Tuesdays. Services are also available “by appointment” on Saturdays. To schedule an appointment with one of our injectors, our facialist, massage therapist, body sculpting expert or one of our Basis Medical team members, please call 561-774-2296.


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