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IV Therapy

IV Therapy is the ideal solution for quickly and efficiently delivering vitamins and minerals throughout the body. It is the most bioavailable solution for supplementation, with a 90% absorption rate, as the cocktail of vitamins and minerals is delivered directly via the bloodstream. IV Therapy is customized for each client by our team of administering nurses, and aims to improve things like hydration, energy, immunity, metabolism, detoxification, skin health, antioxidant levels and more.

The Liquid Gold Standard . . .

IV Therapy

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Your IV Therapy journey begins by first meeting with our Nurse Practitioner to discuss your goals. She will determine the types of supplementation that will get you feeling like the best version of yourself – whether that’s a need to jumpstart your metabolism, detox your body, boost your immune system or supplement your body’s natural mineral content.

Once your unique blend is prepared, you will be hooked up to your IV Therapy treatment in the comfort of one of our lounge chairs. Relax as your custom treatment ushers in its holistic healing benefits. When you’re finished, you will leave feeling immediately restored and replenished.

Leave feeling supercharged & revitalized. Includes B-Complex, Amino Blend & Vitamin C.  

A natural flush to de-bloat & detox. Includes B complex, Mineral Blend, L Carnitine, Vitamin C & MIC. 

Detoxify & leave with glowing skin. Includes Vitamin C with Glutathione 1000mg. 

Aids in healing & tissue repair. Includes Vitamin C, B Complex, Amino Blend & Mineral Blend. (1 liter) 

Restore balance to the gut, brain & body. Strengthen hair, skin & nails. Includes Biotin, Vitamin C, B Complex & Glutathione. 

Radically restore & replenish the bodies natural reserves. Includes Vitamin C, B complex & Mineral Blend. 

The cocktail that covers it all. Includes Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Gluconate, Vitamin C, B-12, B complex. 

The original late-night cure. Includes Vitmain C, Zinc, B Complex & Zofran. 

Power up a compromised immune system. Includes B Complex, Vitamin C & Zinc. 

A boost for the libido. B Complex, Mineral Blend & L-Arginine. 

Anti-aging DNA cellular repair and mental clarity. aids in addiction recovery. (2-4 hour treatment). Includes Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. 

Individual injections to boost your IV Therapy experience. Choose from:

• Vitamin B-12
• Vitamin D
• Biotin
• Taurine
• Amino Blend
• Zofran
• Toradol
• Tri-Immune Boost (Vitamin C, Zinc & Glutathione)
• Glutathione
• Lipotropic 

IV Therapy

More About IV Therapy

IV Therapy is the ideal way to impart healing, replenishing and reparative nutrients directly into your body. It takes the place of saturating your diet with nutrient-dense foods or having to take a vast amount of oral supplements when quick replenishment is needed most.

Not only is IV Therapy the quickest way to deliver nutrients throughout your body, but it’s also the most bio-available solution as the body is able to absorb about 90% of the nutrients supplied in the IV Therapy cocktail since it avoids the gastrointestinal track, which strips valuable nutrients from foods and oral supplements.

There are two main delivery systems for IV Therapy: via the bloodstream or intramuscularly. The two differ in that an intramuscular injection typically includes one type of nutrient and is completed in seconds. A traditional IV Therapy “bag” is customizable, and offers a much greater assortment of nutrients, which is delivered via the bloodstream. This type of treatment takes about an hour to absorb into the body.

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