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With over 20 years of experience in the holistic wellness space, the BASIS Medical & Aesthetics team is uniquely qualified to navigate your Hormone Optimization Therapy, Peptide Therapy or Medical Weight Loss journey. From a complete and comprehensive analysis, to blood work, a custom-designed supplementation program, and complimented by your own fitness regimen and wellness treatments, our experts will have you seeing meaningful results in as little as 4-6 weeks.


Enhance Your Holistic Health

The goal to look and feel younger with increased energy, mental clarity and improved vitality has never been as accessible and understood as it is today with Hormone Optimization Therapy and complimentary treatments. Even famous life coaches like Tony Robbins are “all in” on programs like LifeForce, which promises more energy, improved sleep, enhanced focus, increased muscle tone, less body fat, and even life extension.

And while Hormone Optimization Therapy to balance menopause and andropause was the precipice for this field, more people are discovering that the benefits of Hormone Optimization Therapy start long before then, with most clients beginning in their 30’s. And every “body” is unique in the way it ages – further underscoring the importance of a custom-designed program that truly “supplements” what your body is craving.

Among other techniques, our team uses INBody scans, comprehensive blood tests, a physical and a detailed background analysis to uncover biomarkers and the real sources of imbalance – even unearthing disease risk-factors that our programming can help inhibit. This enables our team to make informed decisions about your individualized Hormone Optimization Therapy plan. You’ll be amazed to discover what you learn about your body after completing just our comprehensive initial consultation!

But even with the best plan in place, accountability is often what separates marginal results from meaningful ones. And that’s what BASIS Medical & Aesthetics offers as your partner in Hormone Optimization Therapy: visible results and increased vitality through custom-designed monthly programs and accountability appointments to meet your uniquely defined goals.

The Future of Youth Is Here



What's Included

Your Customized Hormone Optimization Therapy Plan Includes:

Signature Hormone Optimization Program

At BASIS Medical & Aesthetics, our approach to your custom Hormone Optimization Therapy program is comprehensive. We dive into the state of your health from the inside out. Here’s what you can expect during your comprehensive consultation and evaluation: 

Step 1:

Our Hormone Optimization Therapy experts will meet with you to discuss your goals and concerns. Many introductory factors will play a role in determining your unique path, including your age, level of fitness, goals, concerns, lifestyle, risk factors and more. 

Step 2:

Our team will administer a body composition test using our INBody scanner, which provides a detailed analysis of your body makeup including body fat, muscle, water retention and more. Using this as a starting point, our team will periodically run this test again to gauge progress. 

Step 3:

Our team will administer a comprehensive blood test to know, at a foundational level, how your body is performing, what it’s lacking, and what it’s telling us about your holistic health. Using biomarkers from the test, our experts can formulate a custom-tailored program to re-balance your body at the cellular level. The results of this blood test will give us a comprehensive look into the following categories and may even uncover potential risk factors that our medical team can improve or monitor:

Step 4:

The last step is performing a full physical and discussing your family history. This allows our team to get a full scope of your current state of health, and also provides insight into what could lay ahead, allowing our team to be proactive if necessary. 

Once we’ve received all test results back, our team will develop your custom Hormone Optimization Therapy program to include the following: 

If you are local to one of our BASIS Medical & Aesthetics locations, we will schedule regular visits to monitor your progress. For all patients, our Hormone Optimization team will check in on your progress each month to determine your level of success with your customized treatment plan and help make adjustments if at all necessary. As always, our client care team is available to take your call anytime during your Hormone Optimization journey. 

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